19+ Magnificent Butterfly Garden Plans Ideas

If you want to make the path from gravel-whether only from gravel or in combination with stepping stones – you can also find a variety of stones here. Apart from a wide selection of colors, there are also different sizes and shapes. Not only decorative Gravel made of smooth river stones is popular. Also gravel or other rough stones are often used to create an interesting structure.

Small gardens can be livened up by choosing an interesting shape, if you want to create a garden path. Thus, two areas can not only be connected by straight paths. Also curvy, or zigzag-paths are a real eye-catcher and make the outdoor area more varied. So that the whole thing does not look too chaotic, especially if you also use lush plants, you can also choose symmetrical panels as a floor covering.

What do you think of this modern idea? Large areas of concrete were re-elected for a minimalist garden design. But this is not all that impresses the broad way. In addition, the concrete surfaces were also provided with narrow metal frames that separate them from the surrounding gravel and create interesting accents. The gravel beds were also planted with some ferns.

With the right garden path, you won’t get enough of relaxing walks through your own garden. Design the garden paths so that each individual area and each bed can not only be reached, but also viewed while walking. Curvy, natural-looking paths are particularly inviting, don’t you think?

The Liguster makes no special demands on the location. For this reason, you can easily plant any area in the garden with it. The nature of the soil also plays no role in Liguster hedge planting. Nevertheless, as with all plants, a sunny area or a place in partial shade is preferable to a shady one.

If you want to plant a Liguster hedge, it is best to do so in October. If you are in a hurry, spring is also suitable, but not later than April. Since there is still quite a lot of rain during these seasons, you do not need to water the hedge, although it needs a lot of water at the beginning. If you plant the hedge in the summer, the plant must be given more time to water and the water consumption will naturally be higher.

The individual plants are planted in a trench, which they excavate beforehand. A width and depth of approx. 40 cm is ideal. In order for the trench and the hedge to become straight, you can stretch a cord for orientation. The distance between the individual shrubs is important. If you plant the Liguster hedge you should stick to 30 cm. In principle, you can follow the rule that no more than 3 shrubs should be set per Meter. These should also be ideally already one Meter high, so that they soon become opaque.

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