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Best Beautiful Stone Path around Flowers Ideas

If you want to create a garden path, you should think in advance about the purpose for which you want to use the path or the Avenue in the garden – as a decorative, structuring design element or as a bed border, and then determine the path course. Garden paths can be designed very differently. If you need suggestions, browse through our picture gallery and find the best solution for your individual garden design.

Design your garden so that it is attractive at any time of the year. An important component that affects the visual effect of your garden are the plants and woody plants. The effect of the garden paths depends on the location and the relationship to the plants. A question that often arises when creating a garden path is, Should the plants be close to each other. In contrast, the scenery is varied. It depends on which effects you want to create in the garden.

High hedges and privacy walls look monotonous and visually narrow the garden path. Loose planting areas and perennials, on the other hand, give the view of a flexible and versatile garden. This design is rated by most people as quite attractive. In order to be able to reach all the different areas comfortably and without trampling lawns or other plants, garden paths are indispensable.

The width of a garden path depends on whether you want to stroll relaxed through the garden, or prefer hidden paths that awaken the desire to discover in the garden. Instead of trees, tall plants can accompany the path on both sides. Interesting way Designs can be designed with concrete. Using different colors, with different patterns and even motifs can be designed, the romantic garden paths, as in the example above to create.

The arrangement of the garden path affects the entire garden picture. A slightly overgrown garden path looks exciting, relaxed and natural. If you play with proportions skilfully, different sized surfaces are created, which can be designed very differently and thus create optical tension in the garden. Use geometric panels, consider combining them in different sizes or lay them diagonally. This loosens up the garden and makes it look more exciting.

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