Popular Garden Path And Walkway Ideas To Your Outdoor Space 01 Due to its ind…

Popular Garden Path And Walkway Ideas To Your Outdoor Space 01 Due to its individual look and colour stability, natural stone is the first choice for many amateur gardeners. However, it should be noted that the surfaces of sedimentary rocks such as sandstone are quite sensitive to contamination. In addition, natural stones rank at the upper end of the price scale. Hands off supposedly inexpensive offers from the DIY stores, becaus… #Garden

The garden can be divided into two equal areas by the garden path. Some find this design rather boring, but it is very suitable for a minimalist architecture. Cleverly placed arches, pergolas, water features and walls provide exciting perspectives. If you want to create a particularly interesting eye-catcher, let the path also run through a pond or large fountain.

Atmospheric surfaces that give the garden texture and character are in demand. Concrete pavements are of long service life and offer an unlimited number of design possibilities with their wide range of colours and shapes. They are available as square, rectangle, triangle, circle, or with different shaped edges, so that interesting combinations of different stone shapes can be created

You can also combine paving stone with gravel, as it was done here. The stones shape the edge of the path and can even form curves. The middle area, which is meant for walking, was again filled with gravel, creating a colour contrast between the edge and the path, which also looks very attractive.

Square or rectangular stone and concrete slabs are often chosen for a modern garden design. With their help, both straight and curvy paths can be designed. If you want to create such a garden path, you now have various options to choose from to design the joints. Especially ornamental gravel or grass like here are very popular in the modern garden and also quite easy to care for. If you want something more colorful, you can also fall back on particularly low-growing ground cover for green joints. In this way, it also prevents weeds perfectly.

It is also possible to create and connect several paths made of different materials. The gravel path in this garden, for example, turns into a natural-looking path made of stepping stones made of natural stone. It is framed by various plants and landscaping Designs such as the raised beds, which were built on the basis of a slope.

The classic version with bricks usually looks like this. Rectangular stones, such as those used for walls, are incorporated into the ground and can also form curves. Red is the classic color that is perfect for rustic or Mediterranean-style outdoor areas. Of course, there are also plenty of other models today, so the selection is guaranteed to satisfy your needs and ideas.

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